i Marketing

Internet Marketing 

iMarketing is a 1 Media Company


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iMarketing was founded by Dr. Sol Adoni

He was a 2nd Generation Tech person

His father was a pioneer with IBM

Now his sons do most of the management of


We use hundreds of EMD (Exact Match Domains) 

To help our clients get discounted CPC Rates


The EMD assets used to help our clients

Are Operated by the Adoni Trust

They are worth Billions of Dollars


For over 25 years our empolyees have helped

Thousands of Companies

Maximize ROI on IM (Internet Marketing)


We are more than Web Designers

We understand Internet Marketing

We know how to maximize response ratios

Bottom-line we make your phone ring


If you think you know how to do this

Build an IT Department

It costs over $1 Million a year

To have gurus in 7 ncihes of IT


To have effective IM Results

It takes a team of Gurus and EMD Assets


You know your industry

We own the keywords for your Industry


We have the TEAM to get you clients

Try only 100 Paid Clicks from Google

When you see at least 67% Leads

You will realize


You’re not


We are not out to create your idea

We are out to get you new clients USING OUR ASSETS


We nvested in hundreds of Industry EMD’s

In the 1990’s

So we could help thousands of clients

In the 2020’s


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